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Carp Fishing Competition 2017

  • Posted Monday, 04 April 2017

What a great weekend with a cracking bunch of lads that was, thanks everyone you made it one of the best matches

I have been involved in over the years either as a competitor or a marshal. Me Julie was amazing as usual and my daughters Tish, Hayl and Stace x. The lads Ash, Tich, Craig and Ste did the fishery and the match proud, well done lads and thanks for all your hard work and pranks? I knew I would get some payback from all the banter and buckets of water you had off me ;-).

Behind the scenes we all worked hard in putting it all together to try and make it as pleasurable as possible for everyone attending and taking part in the match. Finally if it was not for all you 36 anglers taking part there would have been no match to start with so a massive thanks to all of you for taking time out to have a go. Until next time!

Roy Russell, Fishery Manager
“Epic 48 hours marshalling Baden Hall carp fishing cup had loads of fun and banter along the way great to see everyone taking part well done to the winners and well done for taking part epic 48 hours fishing and when it’s down to the wire at the last moments now it’s time for a sleep!”

“Thank you GUYS and Jules (and daughters) for a fantastic weekend. Marshals, Great job as always. What a great run event, with Carp, banta, great food, Crayfish and Facebook LIVE. Carny wait till the next one. #Carpfishingatitsbest#2017”

“Well done to everyone who entered the Baden Hall carp cup 2017 and all the lads involved it was a brilliant comp and I cannot wait for the next....”

Final Results:

  • Biggest Mirror – Steve Busby 19.04
  • Biggest Common – Tony Vass 17.07


  • 1st Warren Bishop - Peg 15 – 75.07
  • 2nd Tim Hickenbottom - Peg 22 – 74.12
  • 3rd Steve Busby - Peg 23 – 67.02
  • 4th (tie) Lee Walters - Peg 1 – 62.04
  • 4th (tie) Ollie Matthers - Peg 19 – 62.04
  • 5th Andy Blower - Peg 39 – 56.11
  • 6th Tony Vass - Peg 35 – 46.03
  • 7th Mike Derbyshire - Peg 25 – 38.15
  • 8th Joe Wilcox - Peg 37 – 35.02
  • 9th Stu Moss - Peg 31- 29.05
  • 10th Kevin Sherrett - Peg 38 – 20.12

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