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Another of our main runs waters which holds a good head of carp from low doubles to upper twenties.

Lower part of the dam with good deep margins, and on the upper dam good deep margins. A lot of carp get caught from down the marginal shelf, and just off the front of the trees. It's a water were you need to be quiet as the fish come very close in under your feet.


Dam pool is 3.5 acres, over 300 yards long and averages 75 yards across split by a bridge separating this in to essentially 2 waters.


Clay bottom.


Maximum depth of 10ft with an average of 7ft. Lower Dam is the deeper of the 2 sections.

Banks & Pegs

20 pegs. Bark chipped and grass banked bivvy staging areas.

Fished both sides of the Dam and had great numbers off both. Great day ticket carp water.

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Map & Pegs


Lots of great doubles up to 27lb+.


Complex-T Mainline Cell, Monster Tiger Nut, Floaters, Stick Baits Krill and Manilla all produce results on this water.


Stiff Hinge Rig, Chod rigs, Multi rig, KD Rig, Ronnie Rig Zig Rig, and Surface Rigs.

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As well as our on-site tackle shop we also have our online tackle shop to make ordering and browsing your next bit of kit as simple and convienient as possible.

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Dam Pool Is Also Available For Night Fishing

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