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Circular canal with island centre, built to the same specification as Canals.

Doughnut is a prolific match day water with pegs on a first come first served basis. Well stocked with a good mix of match species, along with Chub and Barbel means Doughnut is an excellent water providing good weights. Very accessible all round and with parking in very close proximity there's no need to struggle getting all that tackle to the bank.


14m wide circular canal based water, perfect for pole fishing to the far shelf.


Clay bottom, with sloped far and near banks going to a flat slity/clay bottom roughly 5 meters wide.


Maximum depth: 9ft with sloped sides from the surface down to the bottom.

Banks & Pegs

20 pegs. Grass banks with stoned areas.

Top little match water with pleanty of fish, bites all day.

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Good stock of F1's', with a plentyful supply of lovely silvers including Roach, Bream, Chubb, Barbel, Perch and Gudgeon.

Tips & Tactics

Pole and waggler fishing are the best methods, cup in small pots of bait for the best results. Don't forget the inside margins fishing on a float.


Maggot, Worm, Castor, Corn, Pellet, Meat, Pastes and Floaters.

Tackle Shop

In our on-site tackle shop, all of your tackle needs will be accommodated with Guru, Matrix, Preston and Korum stands. Bait suppliers include Dynamite, Mainline, Sticky Baits and Nash. As well as our own pellets (which are what we feed)!

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