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Baden Hall Fishery 50lber

  • Posted Friday, 15 March 2019

Over two 48 hour sessions in the last couple of weeks Bobby Lyons has hit upon the fish on our Quarry lake producing a 42, 34, and 51lb fish.

His tactics have varied form the known Winter methods - Zigs and focused on bottom baits with remarkable success. Using his favoured Ronnie rig with a Sticky Baits Krill Pop-Up for his 30 and 40, fishing from peg 14 Bobby has manged the conditions well. Both fish came out on consecutive mornings at around 7am and 10am respectively. When he caught the 50 the conditions were even worse including winds of over 50 miles per hour "With the conditions as they were the bottom was being stirred up and the under tow was moving 5oz leads!" Using a Sticky Baits Krill Wafter with a non toxic shot to stop too much movement from the current Bobby waited it out and used the time to plan his attack. At 9.30am the next morning the wait had paid off with the rod ripping off and that fantastic feeling of "this feels like a big one". Having battled with the fish for over 30 mins it was finally in the net, "It was like fishing in the north sea, but this new PB is well worth the effort." It took 3 casts to get the bait where he wanted it and then the lines were left in for 14 hours before the take according to Bobby.

With one more session booked in for next week who knows what Baden Hall Fishery's Quarry will serve up next for Bobby.

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